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Yu Kids PlaySystem


What is the Yu Kids Playsystem?


It is a combination of over 30 different attractions arranged to fit each customers individual needs, big or small.We are not a equipment company. Selling individual products.The YKPS is marketed and sold as a compleat playground package


What sets the Yu Kids Playsystem apart from all other children's play areas and playgrounds?
Very simply put... Movement!
Every Yu Kids PlaySystem attraction has movement.That movement literally calls children to play!

Over 30 New and Updated Product for 2010

NEW Colors! NEW Designs! MORE FUN!

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Spining Palms

Spining Tree Swings

Big Ball Palms

Merry Palms

Spinning Ring Bars

Sky Rider

Tilting Table

Side Winder

Ring Ball

Triple Ring Balls

Ring Balls


Ring Ball

Triple Ring Balls

The Next Genaration of Play Elements

This year’s new addition to the Yu Kids Playsystem is a new line of play elements that can be converted in to new elements with the addition of a conversion kit. We are stating with the spinning palms series, but have many more in the works. Now it is easy to add a new, fresh look to your playground with out having to change out an entire unit!
We at BLD Oriental take great pride in producing products that are lots of fun. That process begins with what the products are made out of. We use only the highest quality materials. We employee skilled designers, engineers craftsmen and journeyman to make it all happen.

Play equipment

  • revolvingtree
  • balancebean
  • airballoon
  • dancingballons
  • jumpingballoons
  • burasagarin
  • spinningufo
  • airhamster
  • revolvingdrum
  • /junglegym
  • bigjumping
  • stuffedanimals
  • rollingpipe
  • mukumuku
  • sparklingtubes
  • movingblocks
  • airghost
  • tarzan
  • castle
  • sparkingpole
  • kunekunepole
  • bigdancingballons
  • highdecker
  • waterfall
  • ballpool
  • spiningdaruma
  • kateniseesaw
  • merrygocube
  • waverider
  • merryjungle
  • fukuramanjyu
  • runningball
  • katenislide
  • weavingboxing